About US

I, Nadia Merchant, working as a Project Manager, am looking forward to solving a highly huge problem for working women and that is having comfortable bottom wear. A 'n' A trousers and pants not only make the beautiful women out there look classy and sophisticated but also provide all-day comfort owing to breathable and stretchable fabrics.

Being a working woman, I very well understand the day-to-day issues and discomfort women go through in managing their outfits. As looking presentable, classy, elegant, and sophisticated tops our list, while choosing an outfit the main thing that gets neglected is comfort and proper fit. Keeping this in mind, I have launched A 'n' A trousers and pants to bring out the fashionista in you without compromising on the 'COMFORT' factor. These will provide extreme comfort even during those tough days that women face every month.

With the success of A 'n' A trousers and pants, I intend to contribute to society by helping low-income group families fund their children’s education. This will not only bring the families out of poverty but will also ensure a better future for the upcoming generations. This will be my small contribution to such families.

The Product Range includes Formal Palazzos, Narrow Fit Pants, Wide Leg Pants, Culottes, Harem Pants, Cargo Pants, Ankle Length Trousers, Stretchable Pants, Formal Pants with Buttons, and Zip Styled Pants among others.